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Are you someone who is digitally low profile or shy, or may be digitally introvert?
No!? Perfect! You might be on your way to becoming a online phenomenon!
If your answer is a YES, then creating an online presence may work in your favor if ever your future employer searches for you on Social Media websites and if in the long run you want to create a brand presence for yourself.

When should you start?
The right time to start is NOW. It takes a lot of time to build an enviable network of people and a respectable reputation on Social Media. Here are 11 tips on doing exactly that: 

  1. CREATE ACCOUNTS on all major social media websites.
    Even if you don’t post on all of them, it is important to secure the username / URL as it may not be available in future. A lot of parents are already securing email IDs for their kids for future use. #NoKidding
  2. Have SAME USERNAME/ URL on all websites.
    It will help create a brand name for yourself as its easy to remember and search. Try to include your first and last name and some number if you need. DO NOT to use non-professional usernames such as funkygal, hotlove etc.
    e.g., Gi Group India has the same username – gigroupindia across all platforms where we operate – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube. Do follow us.
    You may use Social Media tools such as Hootsuite/ Buffer to post on multiple accounts at one go or to pre-schedule the posts, to be posted multiple times a day. This saves you a lot of time & effort. However, on few platforms, the post may not appear as you intended it to. Do your trials.
    Use Tweetdeck (by Twitter) to manage multiple Twitter accounts you have – personal, professional, pseudonyms, activist etc.
  4. POST REGULARLY about current issues, light humour, well articulated comments, interesting photos. It’s a good way to enhance your reputation.
    Platforms such as LinkedIn are strictly for professional engagements. So, keep your posts and photos likewise.
  6. DO NOT indulge in political/ religious bashing or hero worship as it may go against you. It may look unethical / immoral/ unwise/ immature and may earn you bad reputation.
  7. STAY AWAY from cheap humour, unnecessary chit chat, immature behavior or trivial bickering.
  8. DO NOT post too many times that people have to think of blocking / unfollowing you. It blocks people’s timelines. This holds true for Twitter especially.
  9. DO NOT keep asking people to LIKE your page. There are better ways to do that. Ask us.
    “It would be good if you could have a look at our page – @GiGroupIndia and let us know what you think about the same.”
    If its an interesting page, they’ll automatically like it. #ContentIsKing #SEOisSuperficial
  10. DO NOT engage in trolling people online. It’s an unethical online behavior and definitely makes you look like an online bully.
  11. Lastly, MAKE NO language or grammatical mistakes, or otherwise you risk being seen as having a casual approach to the brand – YOU.


Disclaimer: The advice given constitutes personal views of the author. Mention of any other brands is not endorsement. The suggestions given in the article are subject to users’ discretion. Any undesired consequences are responsibility of the users only.

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