Zoom Out Imaginative Painting by Istvan Banyai

These paintings are actually made by a Hungary born artist Istvan Banyai. His wordless book named ‘Zoom’ was published in 1995, which contain all these illustrations. Click on the right arrow to reveal the story.
* Read more about him at bottom after you check out the series of paintings.

Born in Hungary, Istvan Banyai quickly made his mark in the United States after his arrival in 1981, with his striking and innovative illustrations appearing in such publications as Atlantic Monthly, Time,The New Yorker, Playboy, and Rolling Stone. Istvan has crafted cover art for Verve, Sony, and Capital Records, and has created an animated short film for Nickelodeon, MTV Europe, and Jean Michel Jarre. His unique vision found ample room to bloom in children’s book ZOOM. This wordless journey through receding perspectives was hailed as one of the best children’s books of the year by the New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly, and won a National Children’s Choice Award based on the judgements of kids themselves. Istvan Banyai lives in New York.

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